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Pasta Recipes

Pasta Recipes:

Borsettini with cheese & Pear Pasta – $67.53

Restaurant quality pasta that you can serve in your own home. These petite pasta satchels are filled with creamy blend of ricotta cheese and pear. Perfect with any number of sauces, or just olive oil and parmesan. 

Making your own pasta from scratch is time consuming and not always feasible. When you are looking for a restaurant quality dish that you can prepare easily in your own home, our homemade Borsettini with cheese & Pear Pasta is for you.

Tender satchels of pasta gathered around a soft filling of ricotta cheese and sweet fresh pears.

This dish is perfect for any occasion and delivers lots of fresh and creamy flavors and textures in each bite. Serve them with a simple cream sauce or boil them, and then add them to a sauté pan with a bit of butter, olive oil and parmesan cheese. Throw in some sautéed broccoli of other green vegetables for color and contrast. The tender pasta skins will brown and the cheese will melt. Garnish with some fresh herbs or even a few slices of poached pear and serve to even the most refined crowd. 

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