Under 30 Minutes

French Style Omelette Alfredo

Learn how to make the perfect omelette! This easy French style omelette comes together in as little as 10 minutes. A healthy dinner on a busy weeknight is a not only possible with this easy recipe – it is guaranteed.

Pasta in Truffle Oil with Mushrooms and Spinach

Looking for quick and easy date night dinners to make at home? You’ll love this mushroom spinach pasta with angel hair spaghetti; a 30-minute gourmet pasta recipe.

Crispy Fried Cod Dinner

Making homemade fish batter for pan frying cod has never been easier. This fried cod recipe takes less than 30 minutes. For this light and crispy fish batter, club soda makes a great non-alcoholic alternative to beer batter.

Freezer Meals

Sweet and Sour Orange Meatballs

Don’t order cheap takeout. Make Sweet and Sour Orange Meatballs! Pre-made meatballs also make the best frozen meals for families. This easy recipe serves 6.