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Arope (grape Must W/pumpkin) – $9.50

Arope is a Spanish condiment made from grape must and pumpkin. The sweet and earthy flavors come together to create a delicious spread. Use Arope with other Spanish ingredients, or experiment with it in your own dishes.

Arope is a Spanish condiment made from a combination of pumpkin and grape must. For anyone familiar with the wine making process, they know that before you can make wine, you must make must. Grape must is freshly pressed grape juice, still containing all of the skins and seeds and stems. The must is very flavorful and because of its high levels of sugar, is used as a sweetener in some cuisines.

This sweet liquid is combined with pumpkin puree and cooked down into a spreadable and delicious condiment. The sweetness of the must mixes with the creamy texture and earthy flavors of pumpkin and compliments itself very nicely.

Arope goes best with Spanish cuisine and has a flavor complex that goes well with sweet and savory dishes. If you are feeling adventurous, experiment with your Arope in dishes you are familiar with. While you are getting a handle on its flavor, try using it in salad dressings and marinades. 

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