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French Compound Butter

Get a gourmet dinner on the table in minutes with this easy compound butter recipe that can be made ahead and frozen until you need it. French herbs blend with Dijon that enhance the subtle flavor of white fish, or just smear a pat on a hot popover for a great gourmet starter.

Mark’s Signature Seasoning Mix

Season your burgers with Mark’s signature mix before grilling to give your BBQ an extra edge that will leave an impression on your guests.

Sweet and Spicy Pineapple Chicken

These sweet and spicy pineapple glazed chicken thighs are tender and deliver big flavor with very little effort. No marinating required. Perfect for fast weeknight dinners!

Savory Chilled Strawberry Soup

This chilled strawberry soup starter is one of the best cold soups for summer. Making strawberry basil soup requires no cooking – prefect for hot days!

Herby Chicken Stew

This hearty chicken stew is not only big on flavor, but one bowl contains 159% of the recommended daily value of vitamin D (based on a 2,000 calorie diet). Perfect for early spring!

Mushroom Beef Burgers

These mushroom beef burgers can be dressed two ways; lighter for summer or add a gourmet touch for a date night dinner. Both can be fast easy meals for tonight.