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Soup for When You are Sick

This soup for when you’re sick recipe was born while I suffered through a bad bout of bronchitis. The idea here was that having an easy soup recipe to make when I am not feeling well is nice, but even better is when I have some freezer meal soups stored away for such times as...

Chipotle Butter

I can’t tell you how long the idea of compound butter has been around. I could do some research and find out, but why? For anyone who has ever had a butter burger or needed a good butter for steak, we know that compound butter recipes are the best, so why does it matter how...

Brat Tacos

If you are looking for a fresh new take on taco bar ideas – then you have to try brat tacos! Tacos made with bratwurst meat… who would’ve thought? Most people don’t realize that there are many ways to cook brats. If you are familiar with Italian sausage (or any kind of sausage for that matter)...

Mark’s Fiesta Soup

Cheese soup recipes don’t have to be complicated. Add some healthy spices to Campbell’s Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup for a gourmet soup recipe in under 10 minutes. Yes, under 10 minutes… how’s that for easy soup recipes? …And whoever said that 5 ingredient recipes can’t be gourmet? Well, I challenge that statement! If you’ve been...

Lamb Meatballs with Mint Pesto and Sweet Yogurt Sauce

Sign Up for the Newsletter for Exclusive Offers! Prime Chop This is the best gourmet meatballs recipe to make if you are on a diet – or even if you aren’t. Inspired by the ideas of lamb chops with mint jelly along with Greek gyros (one of Mark’s favorites), these gourmet meatballs combine the bright...

Herbed Chèvre with Mushrooms in Phyllo Pouches

Herbed Chèvre with Mushrooms in Phyllo Pouches make a savory treat for a couple of reasons; they are relatively easy to make as far as gourmet appetizers go, and they taste amazing! I love that there are no hard-to-find ingredients, either. Once you get the hang of working with phyllo dough (I can’t think of...
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