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Savory Salmon Spread with Pickled Cherries

If you are looking for gourmet recipes and you want something easy, then this is the perfect appetizer recipe to dig into! This make ahead condiment can be served as a spread for crackers or as a dip for crudités.

Porky Pizza

Got a leftover pork chop that you want to use? Put it on this easy pizza! Simple ingredients provide big flavor on this pizza that will take you only 30 minutes to make. What’s not to love?

Soup for When You are Sick

This is a super easy soup recipe to make, especially when the last thing you feel like doing is cooking. It only takes 20 minutes from start to finish and is packed with ingredients that can ease symptoms and boost your immune system. Why not give it a try?

Chipotle Butter

I love making flavored butters because they add so much to a dish in a very quick and easy way. Chipotle Butter, like all other compound butters, can be made ahead and stored in the fridge for a couple of weeks or frozen for when you need to whip up a gourmet meal on the fly.

Brat Tacos

Looking for taco party ideas? This new way to make tacos will amp up your taco bar! Brat tacos are as simple as making a regular taco. All you need to do differently is sub bratwurst meat in place of the ground beef and change out a couple of toppings.

Mark’s Fiesta Soup

Cheese soup recipes don’t have to be complicated. Add some healthy spices to Campbell’s Fiesta Nacho Cheese Soup for a gourmet soup recipe in under 10 minutes. I’ve made this soup in the middle of a hot summer day. It only takes 5 minutes on the stove, which means less heat generated in the kitchen....