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Summer Salmon

This summer salmon recipe is so easy to make you’ll never guess that it is also gourmet. Not sure what to serve with salmon? The garden veggie relish and savory lime cream sauce can be made while the salmon cooks.

Creamy Herb and Prosciutto Stuffed Mushrooms

Prosciutto can be used in a wide variety of recipes. I particularly like it in these stuffed mushrooms. They are so savory and creamy! To be honest, every time I make this stuffed mushrooms appetizer recipe, I just have them for my whole meal. These prosciutto stuffed mushrooms do make a wonderful appetizer… in spite...

Keto Key Lime Mousse

You’ll want to add this Keto Key Lime Mousse to your list of Keto Dessert Recipes. Why? It’s a sugar-free fat bomb that you can eat with a spoon. Light and fluffy, yet perfectly healthy. Feel good about eating dessert again.

Crispy Fried Cod Dinner

Making homemade fish batter for pan frying cod has never been easier. This fried cod recipe takes less than 30 minutes. For this light and crispy fish batter, club soda makes a great non-alcoholic alternative to beer batter.

French Style Omelette Alfredo

Learn how to make the perfect omelette! This easy French style omelette comes together in as little as 10 minutes. A healthy dinner on a busy weeknight is a not only possible with this easy recipe – it is guaranteed.

Keto Cabbage Rosti

If you love potato pancakes but are looking for a keto option, this cabbage pancake recipe is the perfect recipe for you! Serve them with homemade katsu sauce for a healthier condiment choice.