Sweet And Sour Orange Meatballs

Sweet and Sour Orange Meatballs

My husband loves Chinese food, especially the cheap, takeout kind. I understand why – it is easy, inexpensive, and ready to eat in minutes. But…. homemade Chinese food is always better. We all know this! What to do? Premade meatballs to the rescue! Why make these orange meatballs? The best frozen meals to make are the …

Chicken Dumpling Soup Recipe

Chicken Dumpling Soup

How to cook dumplings with chicken has never been easier with this chicken dumpling soup Instant Pot recipe. This chicken dumpling soup can be made ahead for later since both the dumplings and broth freeze well.

Best Soup When Sick

Soup for When You are Sick

This soup for when you’re sick recipe was born while I suffered through a bad bout of bronchitis. The idea here was that having an easy soup recipe to make when I am not feeling well is nice, but even better is when I have some freezer meal soups stored away for such times as …