Second to food, cooking, and everything culinary, my other passion is writing fiction.

I’d love to share with you some of the short stories that I have written over the years. The stories below range from science fiction to contemporary literature, and encompass both action-packed suspense and literary fiction. They are shorter stories that range from 20 pages up to 60 pages, but can be read in one or two sittings, perfect for when you want to snuggle up with a hot cocoa for about an hour or are just taking an extra long lunch break and need to think of something else other than your workplace.


A Good Short Story About Finding Self
Enlightened by the Digital Boy

Megan, a midwestern transplant to the big city, seeks to find her true identity amidst betrayal, societal scorn, and an ever elusive boy behind the digital screen of her cell phone.

A Good Short Story About Eschatology
O Great and Dreadful Day

Something big is coming, but no one has any idea just how terrible it will be when it arrives. Join two travelers as they navigate through a doomed world in an attempt to escape, gathering as many as they can to take with them before a mysterious blindness traps them forever.

A Story About Discovering Self
Beautiful Messes

A contemporary story that explores the idiosyncrasies of friendship in its many forms, highlighting on one of the most important friendships of our lives – the one we have with our own selves – and how it dictates the way we treat those in the world around us.

A Story About Treason, Loyalty, Forgiveness And Redemption

Sometimes it feels like loyalty and obedience won’t pay off. For Mollie, loyalty to her unseen and seemingly mystical emperor nearly gets her violently killed. Each day for shy Mollie is a challenge where she lives in an isolated rebel village with no hope of getting out. Journey with Mollie as she faces persecution, loneliness, and temptation to eventually endure the greatest test of all… the trial of fire.

An Ocean Away

Jaswyn is not pretty. Isolated to a remote village on an Atlantic island, the only place she can go for solace is to the top of a cliff overlooking the ocean where she dreams of her long lost daughter. One seemingly normal day takes a drastic turn as raiders from afar strike the village, leaving no survivors except for one – Jaswyn. Find out how she survives in this short story of redemption found in the most unlikely of ways.